Reser med Mamma

Hej allihopa! It’s been awhile, and that is because I was on a little trip with my mom! Yes, my real mom, the one from America that I haven’t seen in nearly 9 months! She came to visit me!We traveled Europe a little bit for just under 2 weeks.

First I met her in Stockholm, then we flew to Budapest. After took the bus from Budapest to Vienna, and then took an overnight train from Vienna to Krakow!

It was, of course, amusing to see my mom and be with her again. It honestly didn’t feel like I was ever away from her. Not that I can say I was homesick for her ever. Love you to death but didn’t long after you, sorry! That being said it was still nice to catch up in person!


As I said, we first met up in Stockholm. My mom arrived there a day before I flew down there. It was actually good to do it this way, so she could rest up some from the jet-lag. I finally arrived there late Friday night, after a delayed flight and horribly lost taxi driver. The driver seriously couldn’t find our hotel that was tucked away in Gamla Stan. It was all good in the end and we’ve been laughing about the taxi driver since. We ate a very late dinner at Vapiano’s, split a delicious pizza. I explained to my mom the pizza differences in Sweden. Yes, they do have reindeer pizza, and just about 80 other combinations.

We stayed in Stockholm until Monday morning, we had only 2 days there, but it was enough! Unfortunately, we didn’t receive the best weather. It was rainy and cold, though Stockholm is still beautiful no matter what.

We visited and toured the Kungliga Slottet, or the Royal Palace. We didn’t go on any other tours here, just walked around a bit. We stayed in the old part of town, Gamla Stan, like I just mentioned before. I believe that it is one of the best places to stroll about, with it’s cobblestone streets and cute little shops and cafes. It was a bit of a bummer since it was so rainy we didn’t visit much besides the main parts of town. I wanted to show my mom a favorite spot of mine on Djurgården but it wasn’t so appealing to walk far and picnic in the rain.

One night while my mom was tired, I met up with some exchange student friends who live in Stockholm, so that was fun too 🙂

Overall it was fun, and pretty cool to show my mom I can speak Swedish and my knowledge now about the country! I think she liked Stockholm the best, or one of the best at least, out of all the places we went! I personally love Stockholm, I think it’s such a cozy, beautiful city.

Click to enlarge the photo, scroll over the photo for the caption.


Next, on Monday morning we flew to Budapest, Hungary! Budapest is an interesting city. You cannot outright call it a beautiful city at first glance. Most of the buildings are falling apart and look ratty. But I found that once you look past that, what you find is quite nice. It seems that most people there attend to the inside of their homes or shops before dealing with the exterior. A few places we stayed and buildings we went into looked a little scary at first, but once in our final destination we were astound by the difference.

Budapest is split into two halves visibly by the river, which runs through the center of the city. So that leaves you Buda on one side, and Pest on the other. On the residential side of Buda, it will quiet down a bit and you will see break-taking hills with scattered houses upon them.  Once you cross the Danube over one of the few bridges connecting the sides, you come to shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Our hotel was on the Pest side.

I think the first thing I fell in love with in the city was the view from the chain-linked bridge we crossed over on the first day. The weather was perfect, warm with a nice breeze. The sky was blue, and the views near the river were spectacular.

We didn’t end up doing a great deal of sightseeing in Budapest, since we didn’t have the weather on our side. It was drowsy and rainy all the days we stayed there except the first. Luckily it was slightly warmer than the weather we experienced while in Stockholm. But unfortunately the weather also led to not as many pictures on my DSLR being taken here. We explored the sector (The city is also divided up into sectors) where we were staying a great deal, and made a few trips to the Buda side.

The other outbound exchange student from my school in the States, Drake, actually lives in Budapest, so one day I met up with him. It was great to catch up. Though a bit strange to think that the last time we met, we were 4,000 miles away in our home country. Never really thought that I would have the opportunity to meet up with him there!

On the last day we were in Budapest, we were walking back from shopping a bit. We saw a movie theater and wanted to see the Grand Budapest Hotel, while in Budapest! If you’ve seen the movie, you’d know that the movie has nothing to do with Budapest actually. However, it was still kind of nifty since it’s in the name! This movie theater we went to was an art theater. It had a large lounging area and movie art everywhere. The seats were the most comfortable movie chairs I’ve ever sat in, they even beat Naperville on 95th street’s push seats.

These days in Stockholm and Budapest were thrilling! If you know me, you would most likely know I love to travel. I get a kick out of seeing new places and this was no exception! There’s nothing like opening up a new door to your cultural understandings and there’s no better way to do that other than first hand adventures and experiences!

That’s all I’m going to include into this post! A separate post will be made soon about our time in Vienna and Krakow. I will also do another post with all of my iPhone photos, that means all of my food and sky pictures 🙂


6 thoughts on “Reser med Mamma

  1. Fun to read about your mom’s visit and seeing her in the pictures. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Can imagine it was fun to see your exchange student friends in Stockholm and Budapest. That must be special, especially once you all are back in the US.
    Looking forward to all the Iiphone pictures! (love the Starbucks one ;), oh and the Pink Floyd shirt 👍 ;))

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂
      It was of course, and it will be crazy taking these memories back home with us!
      My mom was actually wearing a matching Dark Side of the Moon shirt that day too, along with mine! 😉

  2. It seems that Stockholm is a very beautiful, organized and above all clean city! There are few trees is quite true.

    1. Yeah, it is definitely one of my favorite cities! It is quite small though. There are actually many parks but you just don’t see any in these pictures! 🙂

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