Reser med Mamma: Krakow

This is the last post of my travels in Europe with my mom! We took the overnight train from Vienna to our final destination together which was Krakow! I think Krakow was my favorite place we went (besides Stockholm), and maybe that was because we finally got the weather on our side! It was around a nice 20 degrees Celsius or about 70 Fahrenheit. And it wasn’t rainy or cloudy at all, just wonderful sunshine!

We arrived around 6am to Krakow, the train came into this brand new shopping galleria/subway and train station! The hotel we were staying in wasn’t open yet, so we killed a few hours at the only place that was open at 6am, McDonalds. The breakfast sandwiches taste just as good in Poland, if you were wondering. Once it was time, we headed to the hotel which was just a few blocks away and got settled in.

We decided to go to the Schindler’s museum, but ended up going the wrong way. Of course, I said one way and mom said the other and we went mom’s way. Which lead us in a huge circle to get to our destination. Will you ever learn to follow my directions? Silly mamma. We eventually made it there only to found out they were closed, a bummer because we watched Schindler’s list in freshman honors history and it would’ve been cool to go to the museum too. Instead we found a little pizza restaurant across the street and ate there!

You know the drill, click to englarge and scroll over to see the caption!

The rest of the night was just walking around sight-seeing. We visited Rynek Glowny many times, which is this huge town center square! It is so nice to get a coffee there and look at all the pretty buildings, we also ate in that area every night.

The second day the big thing we did was visit the castle! The Wawel Royal castle is a medieval castle from the 16th century, I believe. Parts of it were destroyed at war many times so it has been rebuilt over and over again. The castle sits upon Wawel hill. We did a guided tour of the whole place, including the guard/watch tower and dragon’s den. The dragon’s den is this underground cave and it has an interesting story, they found bones, and people though they were dragon bones. There’s many old writings and stories including this mysterious dragon. So if you’re shopping in tourist shops in Krakow and see a bunch of little dragons that’s why (I was so confused at first).

Krakow was just absolutely beautiful with it’s old historic buildings. Out of all the castles we visited, Wawel wins in my book. Just the whole atmosphere of being so secluded on this hill in this little village was nice. And being on a hill provides a spectacular view of the whole city! I really do love this city, I can’t explain how beautiful I think it is especially on Wawel hill. Lucky for me we will visit Krakow during Eurotour also!

It was a short stay but definitely was enough time to see much of the city. I flew out in the morning of the 3rd day to Stockholm, where I stayed for a day with a friend, the flew up to Luleå and took the train home to Gällivare.

And that’s the last post from my travels with my mom! Again I’ll just say it was so exciting to travel and see some of Europe with my mom! She’s my best friend and even though I get annoyed with her perhaps too much, I still love her! Thanks for treating me to this trip mom, it was fun and I know I’ll remember it forever!


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