iPhone Bilderna

Just some (okay, when I say some you know I mean many) pictures taken from my iPhone over this past month! These are pictures from my trip in Europe with my mom, along with the time after the trip spent in Gällivare and Piteå! Of course, you may know that I have done many separate posts about my time in Europe with my mom, but these are some fun pictures and food pictures! I’ll try to keep it in order.. Stockholm–>Budapest–>Vienna–>Krakow–>Stockholm–>Gällivare–>Piteå–>Gällivare. Not confusing at all right?

IMG_8952Train selfie

IMG_8966lunch at Max (lol yeah I know, not much of a “real” lunch)

IMG_8969Delayed flights aren’t a blast.

IMG_8980Do you see the heart shaped lake?

IMG_8988Royal Palace in Stockholm


IMG_9008 IMG_9011Sergels Torg

IMG_9013Omg look a Swedish McDonalds


 Hung out with some exchange students from Italy and Switzerland!

IMG_9035 IMG_9037 IMG_9040 IMG_9043We ate Asian food, yum

IMG_9057Then went to Djurgården

IMG_9080Lunch at Friday’s in Stockholm

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetStor Torget

IMG_9094Mommy was sleepy on the plane to Budapest


Hungarian food! Some kind of chicken and these deep fried potato sticks? Whatever it was it was good!


Aaaand Friday’s Budapest..


Mexican food in Budapest

IMG_9159 IMG_9164

Pizza with fried egg, ham, bacon, cheese and sauce. I liked it but mom was not a fan!


IMG_9176 IMG_9187Vienna

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetBudapest from the bus

IMG_9210 IMG_9212Bus tour in Vienna

IMG_9217 IMG_9225Vienna waits for you

IMG_9231 IMG_9239 IMG_9243Friday’s Vienna (we really like Friday’s, okay.)

IMG_9249 IMG_9253Vapianos Vienna

IMG_9258Krakow, Poland

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset IMG_9273 IMG_9288back to Djurgården, Stockholm

IMG_9291 IMG_9294

IMG_9319Home in Gällivare!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset IMG_9329My little host sister made me a mail box and leaves me letters and “homework”

IMG_9337A cute bunny outside my window!

IMG_9339Elin’s first ever S’more!

IMG_9344 IMG_9347This was taken at like 11pm

IMG_9349 IMG_9350Hahahha Jasse! snygg 😉

IMG_9351Gotta love having 24-hour sunlight

IMG_9354 IMG_9362Walks are nice!

IMG_9365 983713_844849408875867_1555593023617263734_nI have the cutest host sisters!

1521367_844852232208918_2337856652925264803_nWaffles in Piteå with fresh Swedish strawberries!

I spent the weekend in Piteå with friends of my host parents, because my host family attended a family wedding in Stockholm for the weekend! The people I stayed with were super nice and they have a wonderful little cabin-house outside of Piteå that I was invited to stay in. Piteå is the sunniest city in the north (located on the coast), and while I was there it rained everyday in Gällivare. We had nice weather and sunshine in Piteå.

1618318_844850258875782_4037725763753232259_oOh and back to Gällivare, a panorama. This is in the wrong place in this timeline of pictures but oh well!



Car show in Piteå, can I have this Mustang?

10342772_844850312209110_1315168242240988894_nsun bathing with the dog!

10349215_844852108875597_47752393267122467_nRow of Mustangs at the car show!

10384615_844850322209109_1381615884811657280_n 10262246_844850328875775_4422702874034200155_n

June 6th is Sweden’s national day. This isn’t much of a celebration. They don’t light off fireworks and dress in the country’s colors, like we do in America for the 4th of July. It is low key and “lagom” as in just right or not too much, not too little. Everyone says midsummer is more of a Swedish celebration than the national day is. There was still this small gathering in Piteå however!

10430398_844852662208875_8363918851288240231_nI learned how to make a crown out of just flowers, I need some practice but I’m happy I learned!

10430442_844851915542283_4503343165262102086_nPite Havsbad– Piteå’s sea front beach! So beautiful

10460508_844850238875784_589508411294878939_nFresh Swedish strawberries for breakfast along with yogurt!

10363411_844849375542537_1046175088315288182_nGällivare vad fint du verkligen är


And lastly, a picture from Monday. Celine, the other exchange student from Germany and I ate some ice cream. It was a pick-me-up ice cream since we had a sad day. We had our last day of class ever in Media. We literally have no more classes at all this week. I didn’t even know it was our last class, so it hit me by surprise. At the end when we were talking about the graduation for the year 3’s on Friday and then about next year I started to get a little teary-eyed. When we decided we had nothing else to talk about with our mentor, we were free to go home. We gathered to check the bus times and I was getting really teary.. Julia asked if I was crying and then I just started.. Hugs were given and tears were shed. I’m really not that much of an emotional person, and couldn’t tell you the last time I cried (well now I can).

I’m not even sure why I cried, it was just sad to think school is over. How can one school year go by so fast, in the blink of an eye!! I had so much fun with my class and got to experience so many cool new things, stuff I’ll never forget! It’s crazy because I will see all of my close friends from school still for a few days before I do leave, I wasn’t crying because I won’t see my friends again, because I still have time! It was just the thought that it’s so close to the real end and school has ended.

Anyways, I have under 2 weeks until I take the train south to go on my Eurotour. The time really does fly. I don’t want to leave, hell no I really don’t. But it’s not a choice to stay any longer unfortunately. I have to spend my time wisely! It’s not the end yet, but I just want to say I really enjoyed my year here and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I have absolutely fallen in love with Gällivare and Sweden as a whole. Everyone who lives here, realize how nice you have it and that this town really is beautiful! I already know I’m going to miss it so much.


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