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Something fun about living in a new country is having a ton of new music to listen to! I am quite a music enthusiast, so for me this is a great deal of fun. Over my year (well 10 months) here in Sweden, I’ve been searching for good Swedish music. I’ve made a “Svensk Musik” list on my Spotify, and currently it has 284 songs, and they’re all in Swedish. I guess I’ve been doing pretty well!

Music is a great tool for learning a new language. At first you are listening, and you understand absolutely nothing at all. Even the slowest song, they are still speaking too fast for your brain to comprehend anything. But if you listen enough, you unconsciously start to pick up the rhythm, flow, and pronunciation of the words. If you need more of a visual, looking up the lyrics is a great help. And after a bit, you’re singing along (though still butchering most of the words). You have no idea what you’re saying, but hey you’re singing in Swedish! Eventually, as your Swedish gets better, you understand more and more and are able to keep up and understand even the fastest hip-hop song.

So for anyone is interested in learning Swedish, or maybe even just listening to some new music, here are my Swedish recommendations! I’ve never added in playlists like this before onto my blog, so hopefully they work okay for everyone. If not you can always look the songs up on Youtube or look at these lists directly through Spotify (my username is Skates1418).

The first Swedish artist I liked was Veronica Maggio. She’s a very popular pop artist here, has 4 albums, and is frequently played on Swedish radio. The first few months I always had her two newest albums, Handen i fickan fast jag bryr sig and Satan i gatan, on repeat, so I recommend both of them! And more recently I’ve listening to her second album Och vinnaren är… I haven’t tried listening to the first so that’s something for me to do soon! Here are my top 10 favorite Veronica Maggio songs, and all of these lists’ songs are in no specific order.

The next artist worth mentioning is Håkan Hellström. He is also a very popular pop artist. Critics claim that his voice is often out of tune, but I think most people listen to him because of his lyrics. He has a great deal of music to listen to. Below is a playlist of my ten favorite Håkan songs.


Here I’ve created a Pop mix, which has some popular artists and songs in it.

I personally really like Oskar Linnros and Daniel-Adams Ray. They both have two really fun, catchy, upbeat albums that I sing along to. So if you like the songs that are on the list you should check out their other songs as well. Den Svenska Björnstrom’s new album is okay. De Vet Du have some more party type songs that are a little bit of a parody. And lastly I want to mention Kent, although I haven’t grown all that fond of this artist, they’re very popular in Sweden, so I thought they were worth a mention.

I also created a Hip-hop list. If you didn’t know, in the popular book The Fault in Our Stars, Swedish hip-hop is mentioned a few times. The author of the book apparently likes Swedish hip-hop, so everyone here thinks that’s pretty cool. Maybe this will get more people in other countries listening to Swedish music, who knows! But Swedish hip-hop is pretty catchy, listen for yourself in this list of my favorite Swedish hip-hop songs! I’m still working on finding more hip-hop I like, most of this is more pop/hip-hop. Snook and Petter are my two favorites!

I hope this helps an exchange student coming to Sweden in the future years or just whoever find some new music!

Om du är svensk och läser detta, gärna kommentera någon som du tycker är en bra svensk artist, eller din favorit låt. Jag söker alltid efter nya svensk musik att lyssna på! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Svensk Musik

  1. I will tell you about an older swedish song instead of a new one, which is maybe one of the most moving and beautiful songs written in Sweden. It is a good language lession for you so even if you think the song is bad the lyrics might hone your language skills if you can decode them. It is written by Astrid Lindgren and is about the life of a typical farmhand in the 1800s and it is related to the books about Emil i Lönneberga. It is called “fattig bonddräng” and here is a video with lyrics included:

    It is the kind of song i want to tell the whole world about because i think it is beautiful, but the song does not make any sense for anyone that does not speak swedish. but you do speak swedish now so it maybe makes sense for you.

    1. Jo jag förstår den faktiskt! Ja det var väl intressant att höra hur det var då med typiskt bonddräng. Det var en vackert låt. Gillar hans röst, rulla tugan så jättemycket! Tack för att du här delad låten!

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