On June 20th, we celebrated Midsommar! Of course this post is a little late, but hopefully  you can cut me a little slack! I tried to post before leaving for Eurotour but I was crazy busy with everything!

midsommar 068 lowI’m still quite puzzled as to why Swedes celebrate everything on the “afton”, or eve. Friday the 20th was Midsommarafton, Saturday the 21st was the actual Midsommar day. They celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve as well. And no one knows why, you silly Swedes!

I think Midsommar was my favorite holiday I celebrated in Sweden. This is most likely because it was something so different from any holiday in the US! If you weren’t aware, we don’t even celebrate Midsommar in the States, so this was something completely new and interesting!

midsommar 031Before I even embarked on this journey to Sweden, I saw pictures from Midsommar. At that point I remember thinking something like wow those flower crowns are so cool! Yeah typical right, but everyone is wearing them and it just looked like a fun celebration to take a part in, and trust me it was!

midsommar 021Besides making our own flower crowns (mine was pretty ugly and too big, but hey I tried), we also danced around the May-pole. Actually the first step to this whole celebration is decorating the may-pole. This was a big town celebration that I attended, so I didn’t help out with that at all. It gets covered with leaves and flowers and such. Once finished decorating, it is raised so the real celebration can start.

midsommar 016 midsommar 034Those who wanted to dance gathered in a circle around it, and we all held hands. It’s mostly little kids, one of their parents, and older people who dance. There was a lady instructing us on what song we were going to sing and viewed us how to do the dances. Celine and I were appraised for our awesome team dancing skills when the celebration was over.

midsommar 053You dance around this pole, hopping around like tiny frogs (that song apparently came from France and was translated to Swedish, never would’ve guessed). Holding hands with strangers, which let me tell you, that is something not so normal for Swedes. They love their personal space, ex. standing at bus stops with 3 meters distance inbetween every person. It was nice to see everyone relaxing a bit and socializing a little more 😉

midsommar 039Midsommar means summer has officially arrived, yet on midsommar it was still freezing cold, it rained most of the day (luckily not when we were celebrating), and it even SNOWED a little. Yeah, snow! Really Sweden, really? But don’t worry, I still love you Sweden, and this day made me love you a little bit more if that’s even possible.

midsommar 061 midsommar 076We celebrated with the dancing around 3 in the day, and for dinner I went to a friends house. We had a cozy dinner, eating quesadillas and hamburgers, which isn’t traditional midsommars food incase you were wondering. But it was still delicious! After dinner we had a dance party, made more midsommarkransar (flower crowns), and took pictures! This was hands down one of my favorite days in Sweden.

midsommar 086 midsommar 087Tack så mycket till alla vem har hjälpt göra den här dag att vara så specialt för mig. Älskar ni ❤



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