Eurotour: Början

Hej på er!

I am now writing to you from my home in America, how crazy is that? I made the journey back on Monday, and have been busy and also sick the whole week. I failed to update this blog in that time, but here I am now with an exciting post!

What seems like a long, long time ago, I headed down south on the train from Gällivare for Eurotour. 67 exchange students whom were living in Sweden all met up at the Grand Hotel in Malmö, Sweden to kick off our 17 day adventure. Those who lived far away stayed in the hotel the night before the tour started. The night before the tour in the hotel was spent finding old friends to catch up and meeting many need ones as well. We also had time for a little trip to Copenhagen, which is a short 30 minute train ride from the Mälmo station.

Copenhagen is an absolutely charming Nordic city. Yet it has no essence of Stockholm whatsoever. The buildings, the cyclists, the way people act.. we definitely noticed a difference.

Click to enlarge, scroll over to view caption.

We had an early wake up call the start of the tour, but we would come to find out it wouldn’t be the earliest. We ate breakfast, met up with all the other exchange students, and had a group meeting. Then stuffed 67 exchange students, 4 chaperons, a tour guide, and a bus driver onto our double-decker tour bus.

Our first destination was Berlin, but if you know your geography well, you would know that it’s not exactly a straight shot drive from Sweden. We took the Öresund bridge from Sweden to Denmark, then continued driving through basically all of Denmark. Once near the bottom of the tiny country, we took a ferry. Like put the whole bus on the ferry.


It was a nice ride, we had an all you can eat lunch buffet. The weather was beautiful, so we spent some time sitting outside on the dock soaking it in. In no time, we had made it to Germany. We loaded back up the bus, and continued our drive to the capital city. I believe this day we had around 10 travel hours.

Once settled into our hotel in Berlin, we all went out to dinner. Now a group of 70+ can be quite a handful to serve. I would say more than half of our group dinners were a disaster in one way or another, but in the end we had some sort of (somewhat) edible food.

I was unfortunately sick, so I stayed in the hotel this night instead of going out and exploring. There were a few other people who also stayed in so I wasn’t all alone however! I literally lost my voice during most of our time in Berlin, it was funny trying to whisper and communicate to my roommates.

The next day we had a guided tour. We all got onto the bus, and the first stop was the Stadsi museum, where we had a lady tell us all about the Nazi secret service, and also had a look around the museum. Very interesting stuff. We also went to the East Side Gallery, Brandenburg Gate, and Check-point Charlie. After the tour we had the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted, until we had to meet up again at night for dinner.

Next stop is Krakow, Poland!



5 thoughts on “Eurotour: Början

  1. Hi! I have been following your blog since you started your adventure. I was wondering if you could tell me how to make the pictures look like that on the blog. Thanks! I also hope you don’t stop blogging even if you’re not in Sweden anymore.

    1. Oh wow that is interesting to hear! I believe if you go into your media files while posting, click on the picture, and once you scroll down on the right side you can choose the picture size. I have mine in full size I believe, and then I also have them in a gallery which is just a side tab option on the right of the media while posting. Does that answer your question? Ah I know I’ve been so busy, I must start posting again regularly! Let me know if you have any more questions, thanks for the comment! 🙂

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