New Journey

Welcome. Or should I say Üdvözöljük.


I’ve been on this “new journey” for over a month now. A little bit late with this blog unfortunately, but better late then never. The past year that I spent as an exchange student in Sweden, I blogged. And I discovered that I enjoyed blogging. I enjoyed sharing my photographs, experiences, and stories with others. It was also a great way to keep family and friends back home updated on my life, without having to individually message each and every one of them what was going on.

I’m now living in Budapest. I made the big move back at the beginning of August. Though I wouldn’t really call it a big move. I packed some belongings into one huge suitcase and one smaller carry on suitcase and embarked on the next adventure. I was hungry for it. I didn’t want to stay at home, I knew it would just eat me away on the inside being back home doing “normal” things. When given the opportunity to choose, I knew I had to pick the option that would be a little bit different.


Not saying my choice was easy. I was essentially leaving everything I knew, again, to move away to some foreign land, to live there for an undetermined amount of time. Maybe it would have been easier if there was more time. Between all these adventures I had 2 weeks to be with my family and friends, a mere 2 weeks after not seeing their faces for the past 11 months.

But who knows if I would have gotten another opportunity like this. Everything was (or turned out to be, more so to say) right. My parents wanted me to take this opportunity and any other opportunities like this I may have, now, while I’m young and able. If you spend your whole life waiting, it may never happen. And they knew that the one thing on the top of my things I want to do list was traveling (living in a foreign place, experiencing new cultures, learning new languages).

This is such a different experience then anything else I have ever been though in my life. Sure I lived in Sweden for 11 months, but that was under different terms. I had 3 host families, Rotary contacts, a sure-fire way to make sure that I had a support system. Moving to Hungary I had almost nothing. I knew virtually no one here.

I did cheat a little on that one I suppose. I contacted a hockey club in Budapest because I knew that if I did move to Budapest, I would need something to do. And the hockey is in the end what pushed me to actually come to Budapest. It was just the right amount of support I needed to make the move. A rink to call home and a few people to help me out if needed.


Once I arrived I found I was surrounded with a larger support system than I had expected it to be. The second night I was in Budapest I discovered that I had two American teammates, and I guess the foreigners just stick together. Also joined by 2 Canadians. Then on-top of that, the first night of the hockey team’s 100km walking trip, at dinner, I got to talking with some girls and a girl sitting at my table was a Rotary youth exchange student. It will never stop astounding me that us exchange students are best friends in an instance (and what a small world that there’s another exchange student on my team). Add a whole hockey team to the group and I feel like I’m right at home.

On this blog there will be a great deal of photographs (and when I say that I mean zillions 😉 ), plenty of stories of happenings in Budapest, and updates on life.  I try to share the history of a place, and bring you wherever I am, visually and mentally through my photography and writing. And maybe you’ll even learn a few words of Hungarian (or Swedish) as well. Hope you follow along on my journey!




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