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I’d like to take a minute to share the background behind the header image of my blog!

I took this picture from the top of Gellért Hill, the second time I traveled to Budapest (before I moved here) on my Eurotour. It was a beautiful summer day, making the view of the city 100x better than normal.

In the picture you can see how Budapest is split into two sides, the Buda side on the left of the Danube river, and the Pest side on the right. On the Buda side, you can see the Buda Castle on-top of Castle Hill (that white building with the green round roof). On the Pest side you can see the parliament building. The first bridge you see is the beautiful Chain bridge.

I love this photo not only for the view, but how it showcases the vibrant summer they have here. It gets very hot and humid, and the city really bursts into life.

budapestA few more pictures from my Eurotour in Budapest.

Szeretem Budapestet ❤


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