I thought I would make a post showing a little bit of the neighborhood I live in. It is called Rózsadomb or “Rose Hill” because while the Turks were here, there were many myths of them planting roses on these hills. If you know anything about European history, you know that borders changed quite frequently. The Ottoman Empire (aka the Turks) ruled in Hungary between 1541 to 1699. There’s a street in my neighborhood called Turkish street, and up from that is a tomb of a Turkish dervish named Gül Baba.

The street of Gül Baba was kind of a surprise when I first saw it, a narrow cobblestone street that seemed out of place. The houses on this street are some of my favorite, they’re brightly colored and just the cutest.

The tomb from the street and stairs to get up to the tomb.

gulbaba6S gulbaba9S gulbaba11S gulbaba10SThe view from the tomb is awesome

gulbaba12S gulbaba15S gulbaba14S

The neighborhood I live in on the Buda side is quiet. It’s not in the city center, but still in the downtown area. With lots of easy access to public transportation. 2km away is a huge shopping mall and metro hub, and my favorite mode of transportation, the tram, is a few blocks right down the street. This district (2) is known for being the most prestigious district.

budai_2SI’ve done quite a bit of walking around this area, and there are some extremely nice looking villas, so I would agree saying it is one of the nicest parts of town. Since the Buda side is pretty hilly, you have some great views of the city.


As I was walking around, I found a bath. That might sound kind of odd when I say it, but Budapest is known for it’s many and amazing thermal baths. I guess you could even call them a spa, as they have many similar services. The one I found is called Lukács. It’s a beautiful building and grounds dating back to the 1800’s and even in the 12th century monastery baths were built in the same location.

It’s on my list to go try out some baths soon! They look so soothing.

Next on my little walk I decided to hop on the tram and take it one stop to Margitsziget (Margrit island) which is a big island in the middle of the Danube. There are a lot of activities to do on the island such as running, and there is also a big soccer stadium there. There are restaurants and little snack bars scattered around. Another pretty cool thing is that cars aren’t really allowed on the island, so you have to either walk, take a bus, ride a bike, or rent these cute little go-carts. Margitsziget is a nice green area to get away from the busy city for a bit!

That’s a little bit of my neighborhood. Even though I love my neighborhood, I will be moving out soon because my lease is up, and I would like to move a little bit more into the center of town!



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