I finally started taking Hungarian lessons here!! We actually just started them on Tuesday. So we are going to have lessons twice a week for the next ten weeks (now nine). It’s an extremely nice learning environment because it’s just 4 of my foreign teammates and I in our lessons. We have a two teachers, one comes on Tuesdays, one comes on Thursdays, and they are both super nice ladies who (so far) seem like they are very good teachers!

Our lessons are located downtown Pest. From my new apartment it takes only 15 minutes to walk there, so I usually leave a little earlier and take a longer stroll and get a coffee or juice before class. The weather lately has been wonderful, too warm to even wear a jacket, so have to enjoy it while we still have it!

thursdayS thursday1SWhen I woke up Thursday, I thought I’d change up my routine a bit and make scones instead of eating yogurt for breakfast. I made apple cinnamon scones. They were pretty good, but they need some work! I haven’t made anything in an oven for a long, long time. I drank some tea, studied my Hungarian and did some homework we had for the class. I also watched the Amazing Race which if you don’t know is a reality TV game show, where they race around the world for a million dollars. I love watching it because they get to travel so many places and learn about the culture of the country they’re in. I need to be on this TV show!

thursday2S thursday3SLiszt Ferenec tér- a little street mainly just for walking with a park in the center. Lined with cafes & restaurants.

thursday5S thursday6SLiszt Ferenc University of Music

thursday4SLiszt Ferenc tér

thursday7S thursday8S thursday9S thursday10SDóhany Street Synagogue- largest Jewish synagogue in Europe.


thursday12S thursday13SAfter class we have just enough time to head to the rink and grab a snack ($2 super yummy Chinese food, maybe?) before we start practice.

Here’s to hoping I’m fluent in Hungarian after the next 9 weeks 😉




3 thoughts on “Csütörtök

    1. The pronunciation in my opinion is the toughest part! They have 16 “extra” letters that we don’t have in English.

      Supposedly, Hungarian is one of the hardest languages to learn. However, so far it has been no problem learning the basics. It’s only as hard as you make it!

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