Gresham Palace Christmas Market

A few weeks ago, at the end of November, the Christmas markets started opening here in Budapest! It’s so cozy to walk around them and drink some forralt bor (hot wine) and maybe eat a Lángos. It really puts you in the Christmas mood!

My friends and I, of course, have checked out all of them. And have been frequenting some of them to do our Christmas shopping. Theres only a few small ones here but they are still very nice!

One that we checked out was in the Gresham Palace (aka Four Seasons Hotel). It wasn’t that great in relation to what the booths were selling, and that it only had a few booths. However, the hotel is nice and festive! They even had fake snow, which here in Budapest we need, because it doesn’t look like we will be getting real snow any time soon 😦

click to enlarge

This year, again, I have the chance to see how Christmas is spent in another country. I will be spending with my former exchange student-teammate, Vanda, who kindly invited me into her home! It’s always interesting to see that even though Christmas is always Christmas no matter where you go, they have little details everywhere that makes Christmas in that country unique. So we will see what Hungary has in store this year.

After celebrating Christmas with her family, I’m off to Dresden, Germany to visit Celine. Who if you have been following my blog, was also an exchange student in my town in Sweden. It will be nice to see her again after some months 🙂

And after Dreseden, are some in-the-process travel plans which haven’t been completely decided yet, but we will find something to do to fill the time until we need to be back in Budapest for team affairs!

More on Christmas markets coming soon!


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