Vienna- Schloß Schönbrunn

Yay, another Christmas market post! This time, my favorite market that we visited in Vienna a few weekends ago.

A few of my hockey teammates and I went to Vienna just for the weekend to go to a concert (Ben Howard!). The market was outside the Schönbrunn castle, and this castle is just lovely. So adding a Christmas market to it makes it all the better!

DSC_6047s DSC_6055s DSC_6070s DSC_6050s DSC_6073s DSC_6064s

We arrived at Schönbrunn just as dusk arrived. It was freezing in Vienna in general when we went, just two hours away from Budapest but even so, it is much colder there.

The cold weather was no problem however, because we bought some Glühwein, glögg, forralt bor, or mulled wine, which ever you prefer to call it (yes I need to know that word in 4 different languages). What is also super cute, is that each Christmas market in Vienna all had specific mugs for that market. I collected 4 while we were there.

DSC_6085s DSC_6087s

There was quite a crowd of people at the castle, and we were entertained by live music and naturally the booths selling an assortment of various Christmas-y items.

DSC_6094s DSC_6091s

On a slightly related side note, I bought this cozy sweater at H&M. It says Vienna Warsaw (I wanted to get the one that said Stockholm Berlin, since they’re my two favorite European cities. However, it was traffic cone orange so I didn’t find it that flattering). Now my mission is to take a picture in Vienna and in Warsaw with it on. 1/2 completed my little task 🙂


I still have a few more Christmas markets to share this week, from Vienna and Budapest!

Today, my teammate Petra and I (who is in these pictures from Vienna) went to watch the Hungarian u20 mens team play in the world championships. They lost, unfortunately, against Japan. It wasn’t good news for them, I believe they’re going to drop down into the C division. We also caught Ukraine vs France which was a good game!

Christmas is in 4 days, as you probably know 😮 what it doesn’t even feel like it here yet. The weather has been SO incredibly nice in Budapest the past few days. Sunshine and warm enough that you only need a light jacket. It feels like spring, and I am not sure how to feel about this, where is the snow? I won’t keep waiting for it, I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon.

Will update soon 🙂



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