Vienna during Christmastime

I spent a lovely, rainy weekend in Vienna with 3 of my hockey teammates at the end of November. We went to see Ben Howard in concert, and decided to go to the Christmas markets while we were there. I mean, of course, why wouldn’t we! After all, isn’t Vienna known for their outstanding Christmas markets? At least that’s what I’ve heard!

First of, let me say that Vienna has so many Christmas markets! It seemed like they were everywhere, we didn’t even have the chance to make it to all of them. The weather while we were there was quite cold and damp, but it wasn’t a problem as some hot wine/punch did the trick at heating our hands and bodies up a bit.

click to enlarge photos

The one thing I loved the most about the markets? All of them (the ones we visited anyways) had mugs! You bought a drink (hot punch/wine) and paid a deposit for the mug, so you could keep it if you wanted to. If not you could return it and receive your money back. The mugs were all unique to each market, ex Schloß Schönbrunn had their own mugs with the castle on them. I collected a mug at every market we visited! I think that one day, when I have my own apartment it will be a unique thing to have instead of store bought mugs.

The first day we were there, and decided to visit the biggest market, I pulled a Sabrina. I left my camera battery in the charger, which was back at the apartment we were staying in. I was carrying around my big camera without being able to use it, which sucked because I wanted to capture the beautiful markets and buildings. But hey, shit happens. Not the end of the world!

The next day I made up for it and took some nice pictures.

The second day we were in Vienna we went to Pratar (which is an amusement park), Schloß Schönbrunn (the castle), and Karlskirche. They all had markets and they all had special mugs 😉 I wrote a separate post about the castle which you can read here.

The concert was also fun! Ben Howard sounds just as great live as he does in his studio recordings. Grateful I had the opportunity to see him!



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