Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain

Welcome to paradise!

I hope the pictures can bring a little sunshine to your gloomy winter day.

DSC_6651sA few Saturdays ago, my teammate and I arrived in Málaga, Spain. We arrived kind of late, around 9pm, so we had to wait until the morning to be astounded by the amaaazing view. We were lucky and got a nice room with a sea and mountain view, right next to a  solarium which also has a hot tub in it. Score!

DSC_6631sSunday morning, I woke up to watch the sunrise. It’s quite cold here during the nights, certainly not as cold as it would be back home in Budapest, but it’s chilling. So it was a little cold standing on our balcony, but completely worth it. However, during the day we had sunshine and clear blue skies. I laid out and (hopefully) got a little sun even.

DSC_6652sBelow are some more pictures from our first morning. I was so impressed, this was my first time in Spain and I am in LOVE with the landscape. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with mountains. Whenever I see them I am always speechless.

More of our Spain trip soon! Lots of pictures on the beach and in the town. Spain was so new for me architecture wise, it’s definitely a little bit different then what I normally see everyday. I love that just traveling a few hours by a plane, we were brought to a completely different culture and climate. Nothing beats Europe, at least not in my book!


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