Happy Monday! I don’t normally consider Monday a happy day, but today was quite pleasant. Woke up early and went to the gym with a teammate and did abs. Then I came home and ran the stairs in my apartment and did a squat circuit. The rest of my day I spent doing errands, and studying a lot for an online course I’m taking (getting my TEFL certificate to teach English). It feels great to get things done!

My day ended by a surprise. Finally, my hockey team gets to move into our new rink! It has been the typical Hungarian time schedule, the rink was supposed to be finished in August, then we were told November, and now at the end of January it’s actually true! There was much complaining all of those months, but now that the time has come the rink is so awesome that I don’t even care!

This is definitely, hands down the coolest rink I have ever played in. It has spikes on the top (hence the name Tüskecarnok, which means Spike Hall in Hungarian). The spikes light up, and change colors ever few minutes. From the center of the ice, if you look up, you can see through the spikes because they are made of glass. You can just sit there on the ice and watch the colors change. It’s distracting, will have to try extra hard to pay attention during the drills.



How was your Monday? 🙂


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