Costa Del Sol, Benalmádena, Spain

The sunshine coast of Spain didn’t disappoint. While spending a week in Benalmádena, the sun was always there. Making what should’ve been a cold winter day, a tropical beach paradise.

DSC_6751sWell, maybe the locals and other tourists in Benalmádena then didn’t agree with us. While my teammate and I were laying in the sand in our bikinis, everyone else was bundled up in a jacket and pants. It was around 17-18 degrees Celsius during the days- sunny with a sometimes threatening cold breeze, but unfortunately at night it dropped down to 8-9 Celsius. It was much colder during the nights then I was expecting it to be. On vacation you are allowed to wear the same sweater every night though, right? Anything to stay warm!

(Obviously you can see the pictures were taken on different days. Our first day there, we had the bluest of skies. The other days were a bit cloudier, but still can’t complain!)

Being that it was off season, we basically had the beach all to ourselves. However, all the people trying to sell fake sunglasses and purses still tried to get us to buy something. It is fun to haggle with them to see how cheap you can buy something for! I’m sure the city is a great deal different during the summer. Be that as it may, while we were there in January, it was all just old British people and locals, at least that is all we ran into. We were the only young women in sight, and of course that gave us some unwanted attention.

I was a bit disappointed by the choice of restaurants near us. You know how it is, over-priced for what it’s worth, super touristy food. Most of the restaurants were catered to British people (a British breakfast, fish and chips, etc). All along the coast, wherever we tried to eat it was just meh. The restaurant in our hotel was the best bet, they had tasty food for a good price. Yet, when you are on vacation it is nice to leave the hotel every once and awhile and also explore different gastronomical options.

A main street in Benalmádena.


I did have the chance to eat pinchitos, a Moroccan inspired Spanish dish. They are meat cubes (chicken or pork) on a skewer that are braised over charcoal. I’m not sure how authentic they were, but despite that they tasted great. This is one reason I love to travel, to try new types of food. You can see why I was not so happy with the restaurant selection, but that is usually what happens when you go somewhere touristy or so I’ve learned.

Benalmádena is about 12km away from Málaga, the big city in the area. There wasn’t as much to do in the area as I hoped, but that being said the main reason we went to Spain was to get some sun. One day, I went exploring down by the marina. There was a nice board walk with restaurants and shops to look in. Of course gelato was eaten on this walk! The marina was about a 45 minute walk from our hotel, but the view I laid my eyes upon once there was spectacular.

The boardwalk 

DSC_6815s DSC_6818s

When we arrived to Spain, I fell in love with the area instantly, because of both the mountains and the sea in one place. It wasn’t possible to see both from where our hotel was located (at least on a camera), because the shore wasn’t far enough out. Near the marina, it stretched out more, revealing one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

DSC_6846s DSC_6857s DSC_6869s DSC_6871sYou can definitely say our stay in Spain was relaxing. Taking it easy and soaking in the sunshine. Eating too much Spanish dark chocolate. I obtained some color and my freckles came out, it feels nice not to be as white as a ghost anymore! Want to leave you with a few more pictures from our hotel, most are taken from our balcony and the others are of the hotel’s buildings and pools.

That’s it for now! Still have more pictures to share from Spain, from the day we went into Málaga 🙂 Expect it soon!


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