Filzmoos, Austria

Last Friday, two teammates of mine, Vanda and Mima, and I took off on a train to Salzburg, Austria for a weekend of skiing.

We were lucky enough that Vanda has family living in a ski-village outside of Salzburg, so we had a free place to stay. This was one of the main reasons we went actually, so Vanda could see her aunt, uncle, and cousins because she hadn’t seen them in a few years. The skiing in the Austrian Alps, of course, was an added plus!


The train ride from Budapest to Salzburg was about 7 hours long. Quite a long ride, we left very early Friday morning and arrived back in Budapest pretty late Monday night. I don’t mind train rides though, the time passes quickly when you’re with friends! That last hour going back to Budapest though, seemed like it was one of the longest hours of the trip.

We also had an extra hour train ride from Salzburg to a village that was closer to the village Vanda’s family lived in. Then on top of those 8 hours on the train, we had a 20 minute drive from where the train got in to Filzmoos our final destination. Luckily, we made good time with all the trains and had just enough time to get from one train to another without much of a wait.

When we arrived in Filzmoos, we were treated with great weather and even greater hospitality. It was a winter wonderland with a thick layer of snow covering everything. Much to my liking, the temperature was only about -2C (28F).

After we settled in, we were treated to a warm meal cooked by Vanda’s aunt. Later, we went out to look around the village. We browsed around in all of the little ski shops and Vanda and Mima had a few snowball fights. Most of which ended with Vanda being pushed into the snow.

Click to enlarge

We had a cozy night playing Scrabble and Chess. Vanda and I watched the new episode of Scandal and it was so good! Can’t wait to watch the next episode, love that the show is going in a different direction because the same story was getting boring to watch. If you don’t watch it, Scandal is set in Washington D.C. and is about the political scandals that a woman (named Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington) deals with. It’s very interesting and I enjoyed the first few seasons.

Saturday, we were fortuitous with an amazing sunny day. The perfect skiing weather! Vanda’s uncle said that this day was the nicest day of the season so far. In the early morning it snowed a bit, but by 9am the sun was trying to peak out of the clouds. By the afternoon we had the bluest of skis and the temperature was around 0 Celsius.

That afternoon, we took a walk up on the mountain by the cross-country ski trail. Don’t read that wrong, we didn’t walk up the mountain, we took the gondola up to it then took a walk. We played in the snow and Vanda and Mima had more snowball fights. We even decided to build a snowman. No surprise that Vanda was buried in the snow by the end of the walk.

Saturday night, we went “village bowling”. Which wasn’t any different from normal bowling, except that the lanes and bowling ball were significantly smaller than they normally are.

Sunday, we skied more, exploring other slopes. The slope we all liked the most however, was the slope that the gondola went up to. The other slopes were icy, and the gondola slope had plenty of fresh powder. Additionally, it was less crowded then all of the other slopes were. Win win! Sunday night was another cozy night full of playing board games and watching movies.

Lastly, Monday was our travel day so basically all we did was eat and ride the train back to Budapest!

DSC_7646sOverall, it was a fun weekend. It was extremely nice to get back on the slopes again. It just makes me realize even more how much I love to ski. Hopefully, in the future I will live closer to a slope so I have the opportunity to go more! Even though I enjoy the city, it’s nice to get away for the weekend to a quieter place.

Tomorrow, I leave for Switzerland. I’ve been back in Budapest for two days doing errands and sitting in my favorite cafe, Kelet, getting work done. The fun never ends!


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