Zürich, Switzerland and Huskies

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go and visit my Swiss teammate in her homeland. Well actually one of her homelands, as she was born in Ecuador.

DSC_7796sFor me Switzerland has always been one of those places that I’ve had a strong desire of wanderlust towards. I don’t have a reason why particularly, but I would always look at pictures and articles about Switzerland on the internet.

In fact, my second choice for my exchange year was Switzerland. Which is kind of weird, because I think I was more obsessed with Switzerland then I was with Sweden at that time. It was a blind leap of faith I suppose, because I knew almost nothing about Sweden. Anyways, things tend to work out somehow and I had an amazing year and still now had the opportunity to see Switzerland!

DSC_7777sTitzy, our Swiss friend, planned a jam packed few days for myself and my two other teammates Nina and Sammy. Showing us as many places as she could and doing as many things with us as possible.

The activities during our time spent in Switzerland ranged greatly. Sledding, skiing, walking around cities, carriage rides, train rides, trying new foods, and more. Which overall gave us a really cool experience to take home from Switzerland. Couldn’t have asked for a better time or a better host! Thanks again Titzy!


On Thursday afternoon, my plane landed in Zürich, which is about a hour away from Titzy’s town of Schwyz. We looked around Zürich briefly, stopping to snap a few pictures on a bridge and in old town.

Did you know, in Switzerland, you are never more then 14km (10miles) away from a lake! The country houses 1,500 lakes total between it’s borders. Titzy educated us on Switzerland with a bunch of facts and funny jokes about the country.

We passed by a few bodies of water on the way back to Titzy’s home. This one was nearest to her town. During the summer, the building on the island is a restaurant and people can dine there by taking a small canoe.

DSC_7798s DSC_7799s DSC_7805sBecause I flew in a day earlier then the others, Titzy had of course planned something for us to do Thursday night. We visited a Husky Lodge not to far from her place! It was so lively being around these cute energetic animals. The lodge’s Huskies compete in sledding races and also just take people out on the sleds touring for fun. Total, there must’ve been around 36 dogs. We specially were able to play with 12 of them up close and personal, while the others rested in their kennels.

The dogs we got to visit with ran around in the fenced in area, enjoying rolling around in the snow, sticking their faces into it and play fighting with each other. Also, relishing the company of more humans to pet them, other then just their normal caretakers. The dogs had such beautiful eyes, which is not a surprise because Huskies are known for having colorful eyes.

In each kennel, there are 6 dogs. They are all a team and they have always been a team. They do everything together and of course get to interact with the other dog teams additionally. Would have loved to see these amazing dogs on the sleds, but will have to save that for another time!

Despite being slightly cold, we had a great time! Unlike the Huskies, we don’t have fur keeping us warm up until -40C/F. Spending time here with these Huskies made me want a dog so badly! Sure, they may be a handful of work, but look at those adorable dog faces! I wish I looked that cute sleeping.

For dinner, we ate in the lodge and I also took a hot chocolate before dinner to warm up. Titzy introduced me to this amazing Swiss dish called Rosti. Which is a dish containing/revolving around potatoes. It can be prepared a number of different ways and during my time in Switzerland I ate it two different ways. This night, we ate it more as a breakfast food. The potatoes were more like hash browns. The potatoes were topped with cheese, a fried egg, and bacon! It was so delicious. I have now found my new favorite food.

And that was day one in Switzerland! More pictures and experiences from Switzerland soon 🙂


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