Tillbaka i Sverige

Hej hej

As you probably know I’m back in the beautiful land of snow, reindeer, and fika.

I’m so excited to be here in the town where I spent 11 months on exchange last year. It has been so amazing to see friends I haven’t seen in what seems like forever! And also be able to have a little bit of a white winter as well.

It honestly feels like I’ve never left this place. Besides the fact that at the club last Saturday everyone I knew came up to me screeching and hugging! I think it might have been the most fun I’ve ever had going out, just because I knew so many people who were there!

The main reason I came back to Gällivare was to take photos at Lilla VM. Lilla VM is like the little world championships for all of the northern kids teams in Sweden. The sports that were played there throughout the weekend were ice hockey, basketball, handball, soccer, shooting, bowling and skiing. I worked the event for 3 full days.

When they asked if I wanted to come back to Gällivare to be a part of the event again I was so excited! I never thought that they would be so generous as to invite me back. Also Celine, the other exchange student here last year from Germany, got to come back as well!

I decided, of course, that I wanted to stay in Gällivare a little longer so I could hangout with my friends some and go skiing! Additionally, it gives me the possibility to fika. A lot. Oh how I’ve missed fika! Kladdkaka, semlor, kanelbullar ❤ Not to mention reindeer (suovas) on everything. Pizza, quesadillas, sandwiches.. mums.

Monday, Elin and I spent the day taking it easy since we had worked long hours photographing during the weekend. We were also feeling slightly sick so it was a recharging day.

We took a little walk up to the store later that day and bought some beer and chips and had a sauna night! Very cozy and detoxifying. We did face masks after and now we are feeling better!

And that’s pretty much everything up to now! I have a busy week ahead planned full of fikas, parties, skiing, and a little snowmobiling adventure too! Can’t wait! And then escaping to Barcelona after that for a little bit of sun.



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