After a few hectic days, I finally have a nugget of free time to update my beloved little blog a bit.

I got stuck in Sweden for two days because the Norwegian pilots were on a strike. Which seemed longer since I took a train from Gällivare to Luleå Sunday night. My original flight for Monday morning was cancelled, but I rebooked it for the flight earlier then that one. Just to find out, once I arrived to my hotel and got a little bit settled in, Norwegian texts saying my flight is cancelled again.

Luleå was covered in ice

The next day I thought I was going to be stuck in Luleå again, so of course a hotel had to be booked. This meant I had some time to go shopping at Monki, which I’ve been browsing their website for awhile so I’m glad I finally got some new Swedish clothes! I ordered Max for dinner and took it back to the hotel to eat. Of course, my mom texts me up telling me that she switched my flight from Tuesday to that (Monday) night instead so I could catch my flight to Barcelona on Tuesday night. Nice that I didn’t even have a working phone to call Norwegian on, made my mom call their American phone line.

Because the other problem was my original plan was to go from Luleå–>Stockholm, Stockholm–>Budapest, Budapest–>Barcelona all on Monday. But I had no way of getting to Stockholm. So we had to cancel some flights and rebook them so I could go directly from Stockholm to Barcelona. This meant leaving my hotel in Luleå the day I checked into it and going to Stockholm for the night instead.

Which ended up working out fine.. I spent a beautiful day in Stockholm. I was able to meet up with one of my host sisters from my first host family, Erica. We ate lunch, drank coffee, and went shopping. It was good to catch up! After my time with her I walked to Gamla Stan/Old Town because it’s one of my favorite areas there. Must’ve walked quite a few kilos that day! Who needs public transportation anyways.

That Tuesday night, I flew to Barcelona, only a day later then I planned. Everything works out in the long run, I suppose!


Wednesday, I spent the day roaming around the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona which was the area I am staying in. There is so much to see in Barcelona which is crazy it only has 1.6 million people, that’s less then Budapest. It feels so much bigger though and there are a lot more things to do and see.

Barcelona Cathedral


Yesterday, the weather app on my phone said it was going to be the nicest day of the week. Totally had to take advantage of this by going to the beach! Didn’t have my swimsuit however, since I thought originally I would get to go home to Budapest and switch out my winter clothes for clean spring ones, but oh well shit happens. I wore underwear and a sports bra, which I don’t really care, many people were actually doing it! Sat on the beach for a good 4.5 hours. Then walked around Parc de la Ciutadella and hung out there for awhile more!

Today, I went up to the Montjuïc Castle. I was planning on renting a Vespa, which would’ve been really cool to do since I’ve actually never driven one before. However, the company wrote back to me the day of saying that an American drivers license isn’t valid in Spain, so that was that. When I’m back in American I need to remember to go and get my international one! I walked to where the funicular was supposed to be, but that was not working so they had a replacement bus to the top.

I walked around there for awhile exploring and then took the bus back down and sat by the port.

I made a new friend at the apartment I’m staying in as well. Not going to lie I must’ve sat there petting the kitten for a few hours. It just didn’t want to leave my lap! Cutest thing ever, I miss having animals around!

And lastly, I can’t post a blog without posting a few pictures of food as well 😉


That’s it for now! Once I have a little more free time will get some real posts up with all the pictures from my Nikon 🙂


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