Barcelona- El Barri Gòtic

I spent my first day in Barcelona roaming the narrow streets and alleyways of the neighborhood El Barra Gotic. It’s located right in the center of town and I specifically booked my Airbnb accommodation here so I could easy reach the city by foot. Which when I actually arrived to Barcelona and looked at a map, I realized the city is huge, but nonetheless I was still in an area where many things were in walking distance.

SAB_0423sThe street my airbnb was on 

At first, I thought that there would be no way I would be able to find the flat I was staying in again after I left it. It was hidden away in a little nook of a street about 2 blocks from a bigger main street. Surprisingly to me however, I was able to find my way back to it pretty easily. A few hours and kilometers later, I felt comfortable navigating around the area.

I saw the Cathedral of Barcelona. Bought strawberries in the Mercat de Santa Caterina aka the main market, which now seems to be like a tradition I do whenever I come to a warm climated country. Sat in the sun for a bit by Port Vella. Browsed around some stores on the shopping street of Portal de l’àngel.

After walking around all day, I started to become a little bit bored just because of the lack of company. I love traveling and sometimes that means doing it by yourself. It doesn’t always work out that your friends want to go the same places as you, don’t have the time or don’t have the money. Thus you can either not do it or do it alone! And the latter is always the best option no matter how it plays out. Lucky for me, the owner of the airbnb I stayed at had a cat. The cat loved that I was giving it so much attention so it decided to keep me company 😉

I knew that when I would look back on this trip, I would remember it positively and cherish all of the places I saw, things I did, foods I ate. In the moment though, it was a little solitary. I just wanted someone to share the time with and talk to. It is refreshing to know that I can do it on my own nevertheless. That I don’t need someone to be with me so I can travel but to travel with someone to enjoy their company.

It wasn’t too much of a worry though, as two of my friends came to join me a few days later in Barcelona on that Friday night. So at least I had some company in Barcelona for a few days!

More on Barcelona in a bit! Some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken in awhile were on the beach in Barcelona, so can’t wait to share them 🙂

We also visited a bunch of beautiful buildings done by Gaudi during our visit to Barcelona. The architecture in this city was unlike anything I’ve seen before! Absolutely stunning.

Now I’m in Kraków, Poland taking a little break from exploring and trying to get warm again. I have so many photos to go through it’s crazy, like 5,000 from the past few weeks of traveling. Oops 😀

Will update soon!


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