Time for a little bit of a throwback post. Eh who am I kidding all of my posts seem like throwbacks. But hey, they get up here eventually 😉

Back when I was in Sweden for about two weeks, my friends had sportlov which was awesome how it worked out. Since I went there to work during an event for 3 days taking pictures, I didn’t get to decide when to go, but I got lucky my friends didn’t have school so I had the opportunity to hang out with all of them!

Barely two weeks wasn’t enough time to see everyone and do everything I wanted, unfortunately. However, I’m still so happy that I even got a chance to go back to my second home. I feel so relaxed and literally just at home there. It was like nothing changed.


Another point I got lucky on was the weather! It was mostly sunny and “warm” during my stay. The ski conditions were also really great so on that aspect I was grateful as well.

SAB_0274s SAB_0273s

One of the days in Gällivare, a bunch of my friends and I went out on snowmobiles. We made a day of it, first going up to Dundret and having fika, then driving thru the woods and pulling off to grill some sausage and marshmallows. We even spotted reindeer which I was ecstatic about. Have I ever mentioned how I LOVE reindeer? They’re adorable! And the dried reindeer we were eating by the fire also tasted really good.. I’m in a bit of a dilemma because I think they’re the cutest but they’re also my favorite food… hmph.

SAB_0286s SAB_0292s SAB_0291s

Well, words just can’t describe my love for Sweden. The snow, the people, the fika. I just feel my happiest when I’m there I guess. I can’t wait to go back to Sweden and more specifically Gällivare again soon. Hopefully, I can make it a tradition to go back every year or something like that. Or maybe I should just move there 😉 It would save me some money on the flights!


Jag älskar dig Sverige! Vi ses igen snart.


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