A Day in Stockholm

When I went to Sweden at the end of February/beginning of March, I didn’t think I would get the chance to be in Stockholm at all. Originally, my plans for flying home were to stay the night in Luleå, take an early flight from there to Stockholm where I would have a short layover, then fly home to Budapest. Once in Budapest I was planning on switching my winter clothes out for spring attire and then catch another flight that night to Barcelona.

Unfortunately, Norwegian had been on strike the whole week before my flight, and the strike didn’t end until a few days after my intended return date. I still stayed one night in Luleå like intended, but the next day I flew to Stockholm and stayed there for a night as well. Then, I had almost a full day in Stockholm and the same night I flew to Barcelona. It ended up working out well so in the end I can’t be upset about it. Plus I got to spend a beautiful day in Stockholm! Who can complain about that!

SAB_0355sSince I was staying in Stockholm at the expense of Norwegian, I booked a hotel called Frey’s Hotel Lilla Rådmannen. Which I randomly found on a hotel booking website and booked it because it was the cheapest. Considering that hotels are so expensive, especially if you stay by yourself, I don’t normally stay in them that often. It was quite refreshing to do so however.

I loved this hotel, the staff was warm and welcoming and the room itself was cozy and felt like home. The designs in the rooms looked very original and unlike any hotel I have every stayed in before. Say goodbye to the norm that every room has to be cookie cutter and bleak. Another positive thing about Lilla Rådmannen is the location. It’s in a quiet neighborhood, close to the metro, and even close enough to walk to T-centralen (an easy 15 minute walk).

If you’re planning a summer trip to Stockholm, Frey’s Hotels has a 25% discount if you book for a minimum of  two nights between June 26th and August 16th. Which is nice because Scandinavian prices can be kind of outrageous!


Anyways, back to my actual day in Stockholm. In the morning, I walked to T-centralen via Sveavägen, which was a lovely little walk on a busier street and pretty much a straight shot from the hotel. I had to go to Monki to buy something I had been eyeing online for awhile. If you don’t know Monki, it is a super chic Swedish clothing brand and also happens to be my favorite. Of course, one cannot just go into Monki without finding a million cute things to buy, so I left the store with a big shopping bag to somehow later stuff into my already full suitcase.

I didn’t want to use the public transport because it can be quite pricy for purchasing just a few trips and I didn’t have my SL card with to load the tickets onto so that would’ve just been an extra cost. I decided to walk everywhere that day and I have to say I covered quite a bit of Stockholm! I walked up Drottninggatan (the main shopping street) to return back to the hotel after my little shopping spree to put away my new things and then meet up with one of my host sisters Erica!

click to enlarge..

I didn’t think I would have the chance to see Erica since she was living in Stockholm now but because of this airline strike I got to hang out with her. We ate lunch at Babel Deli (Kungstensgatan 33). They serve a variety of middle eastern and oriental food. And now my mouth cannot stop watering thinking about the fried feta cheese ball I ate. Best. thing. ever.

After grabbing lunch, we walked to Brandy Melville and did some more shopping. Then, a Swedish must, we took a fika at Vete-Katten (Kungsgatan 55). The place was pretty crowded when we arrived but we ended up finding a tiny table upstairs where we drank our coffee. When the cups were empty, we said hej då and parted ways. It was fun to catch up with Erica after almost a year!

I still had some time before I needed to catch a taxi to the airport. I didn’t have quite enough time or energy to walk to my favorite spot in Stockholm on Djurgården, but I walked to Gamla Stan/Old Town instead. It’s such a peaceful area with it’s cobblestone streets and little shops. I took a different way back to the hotel, up past the Central train station and in a little bit more industrial part of town.

From the hotel I took a cab to the Arlanda airport. While waiting for my flight I ate one last piece of Princess cake and drank a Trocadero.

Stockholm is such a vibrant city and was lucky to be able to spend a beautiful, warm, and sunny day there. Nothing impresses me quite like Sweden. I don’t think I’ve found a thing I don’t like. Each time I visit I fall more and more in love with the country. Maybe I am just partial to Sweden because I did my exchange year there but I think everyone should travel there and see for themselves what a wonderful country it is 😀


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