Barcelona: Montjuïc Castle

On my third day spent in Barcelona, I decided to go check out Montjuïc Castle.

I was on this whole trying not to use public transportation streak, but it ended this day because I took a bus up to the Montjuïc Castle since it was up on a hill. At first, I was planning on renting a scooter, because it seemed like a very Barcelona thing to do. Seems like everyone is driving one there. However, my plans were diminished because I found out that my US drivers license wouldn’t be accepted there without a Spanish translation for it. I am planning on getting my international drivers license when I get home so I didn’t see how it was worth it to get a Spanish translation for my US license just for one day.

I wish I had been able to get a scooter though, because I found out you still had to walk quite a ways up the hill to the castle from the bus. There was a funicular you could take, well technically the bus I took was a replacement for another funicular which operated via Barcelona’s public transportation. But the other big funicular that was running costed something like 14 Euros round trip and I didn’t think it was worth it.

Though walking means you get to see more things, right! Or at least that’s how I see it. Before getting on the bus I walked up La Rambla some and through a few neighborhoods to get to the right bus stop.

click to enlarge

On the drive up the hill, I was rewarded with some amazing sea views which kept getting better around every turn the bus made. The first place I wandered to from the bus stop was into some gardens. They were peaceful and showcased views of the whole city of Barcelona, which I realized most of the places up on the hill had similar outlooks. I liked these gardens so much that after walking around the museum in the castle, I came back and sat here overlooking the city eating a cupcake and drinking an aloe water. It was some much needed serenity from the touristy castle.

SAB_0685s SAB_0688s SAB_0692s SAB_0708s SAB_0711s SAB_0713s SAB_0721s

The Montjuïc Castle itself wasn’t like most castles I have been to. That’s because this castle is actually an old military fortress from the 1600s. The French army with orders from Napoleon took over this fortress during the Napoleonic Wars. The castle holds more recent history as well such as being a symbol of submission after the Catalan defeat to Spain in 1714. As well as in the 1930s for it’s role in the civil war. People from both sides were imprisoned, tortured and shot here in the fortress. Not to mention that in-between those times the fortress was still used as a prison and torture center with it’s cannons bombing the city of Barcelona.

But it’s not to worry because now it is a military museum and is open to the tourists.

After walking around the castle and going back to the gardens to chill, I took the bus back into the city center to the apartment I was staying in and hung out there for a bit. Then I went out and ate a waffle on the docks of Port Vell. Only to be scared off by some birds. Hint: don’t accidentally drop a piece of your waffle on the dock. The birds will attack each other trying to get it and then look at you for more. Have I mentioned I have a strong dislike towards birds? I feel like they always have evil instincts like to poop on your head or to attack you.

SAB_0806s SAB_0809s SAB_0810s SAB_0818s SAB_0826s

I’m really excited to share the last two days of my trip to Barcelona here soon, they were very eventful because two of my teammates came to join me. I’m really proud of some of the pictures I took as well, plus they feature some amazing Güell architecture and beaches! Barcelona has really taught me to appreciate fine architecture if I didn’t already!

That’s all for now! Until next time..


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