Lucerne, Bern, and a Cookie Factory

Switzerland had always been very high up on my bucket-list for years, so when my teammate invited us to come out for a weekend, you can imagine I was ecstatic about it. She was the best host ever, picking me up from the airport in Zürich and taking me to a husky lodge. Also picking up our other teammates the next day in Basel and taking us skiing, sledding and for a ride in a horse carriage. She drove us around everywhere and tried to fit in as much as possible.

So for our last day in Switzerland we took a boat from a town near Schwyz, where Titzy lives, to Lucerne.

DSC_8157s DSC_8161s

DSC_8176s DSC_8178s DSC_8182s

DSC_8198s DSC_8202s DSC_8208s DSC_8209s

Upon arrival in Lucerne, we took some photos as we had a few minutes before catching our train to the cookie factory.

DSC_8214s DSC_8217s DSC_8219 DSC_8221 DSC_8222s DSC_8228sThe train we took to the factory might just be the most awesome train ever. It’s a normal commuter train, making stops in towns like any normal train does. Yet it also makes a stop in a town that is home of the Kambly cookie factory. And what does this mean?  Apparently it means everyone on the train gets a free cookie! This is my kind of train.

DSC_8244s DSC_8247sTitzy planned for us to get off the train and to go into the cookie factory. There were free samples of everything and let’s just say we all went a little crazy. You could also see someone making a few cookies in the shop, although you weren’t shown a tour of the factory or anything like that. It was just a small store within the factory. None of us foreigners had heard of this brand before but I think it’s safe to say that now we will be on the lookout for it. Everything I tasted, I loved and I surely gained a few pounds from this little stop..

DSC_8249s DSC_8252s DSC_8257s DSC_8266s DSC_8274sAfter our time at the cookie factory, it was back on the train. Our next destination was Bern, where Titzy and I would stay and look around and Sammy and Nina would take a train to Basel to fly back to Budapest. Bern was definitely my favorite city we visited in Switzerland. I thought my favorite would be Zürich but I was surprised I guess!



DSC_8313s DSC_8321s DSC_8322s DSC_8323s

The child eater statue. Pretty wacky, pretty awesome.

DSC_8335s DSC_8336s DSC_8337s DSC_8341s DSC_8343s DSC_8344s


DSC_8347s DSC_8349s DSC_8351s DSC_8352s DSC_8354s DSC_8357s DSC_8368s DSC_8371s

DSC_8381s DSC_8383s DSC_8384s

It seems the colors of the buildings in Bern are in strict conformity. It felt like everything was in the same dusky shades of green, white, and beige but it gave off nevertheless a cozy atmosphere. By the way, did you know the city of Bern has their own bears? I didn’t know this and unfortunately it was winter so they were hibernating!

And that’s Switzerland! The country definitely proved that my expectations all these years were right. The food was great, the skiing amazing, and the cities cozy. I can’t wait to one day go back (after saving up big funds in the bank, it also proved that it’s super expensive). I would love to see the country in the summer 🙂


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