Follow me on my journey from Illinois, USA to my current destination of Budapest, Hungary, and everywhere in-between.

This blog started as a way for me to show my family and friends back home what I was doing while on my exchange in Sweden. For a year I blogged about Swedish culture and my experiences in Sweden, and also shared the pictures I captured.

Now I am living in Budapest, Hungary. Playing ice hockey and enjoying a new adventure. Although I am not “Taking Sweden” anymore, I thought I would keep posting my experiences on this blog. Who knows, maybe one day I will take over Sweden again 🙂

Illinois-born, in the suburbs of Chicago. I love photography and my Nikon D700 is my baby. I hope to learn a few more languages on top of English, Swedish, and Hungarian (which I’m learning now). My dream is to one day see the whole world. Which I guess I am on the journey of doing at the moment! Sports enthusiast, currently playing ice hockey and enjoy alpine skiing and tennis.

Ex-Rotary youth exchange student (RYE). Recommend every high school student to consider the opportunities of going on an exchange year. It will change your life and your perspectives. And honestly make this big world see a whole lot smaller. Best thing I’ve ever done so far 🙂


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  1. Hey Sabrina! I live in Nashville and we are originally from Chicago. We are downtown for the hockey game and met your wonderful mother. She talks such great things about you. Good luck with your hockey career! We are your biggest fans!!!

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